We offer in house, full service towing!

Kelly Volkswagen is proud to offer our customers towing services in Scranton PA by Kelly Towing 

We Offer special rates for our service customers, call for a quote!



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24/7 Towing Response

We offer our towing services 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year!

State of the Art Service

Our fleet has modern equipment, including flat bed towing service for All Wheel Drive vehicles, and low loader flat beds for vehicles with limited ground clearence, ensuring your vehicle arrivces where it is going with no damange and in the best condiiton possible


Anytime, any condition

Accdients happen more frequently when the weather is working against you, We offer service in all road condtions and our priority is to get your vehicle retrevied and to a repair facility as quickly as possible

Accident Vehicle Transport 

We specilze in post accident vehicle towing, getting your vehicle to a repair facility after an accident, we can ensure that your car gets to, and is repaired by an authorized, approved and competent repair facility 


Our 24/7 towing service is offered as a additonal service to our customers and is not affiliated with Volkswagen of America or Mazda USA. Above stated discounted rates are at the disgression of the towing service provider and are subject to change without notice, are based off our rates and not any set national rates or other towing services quoted rates to apply discount to. Only applicable to vehicles being towed to our facilities